Chrissy Teigen Gets A Temporary Tattoo With A Stranger

Payback! Chrissy Teigen recruited a random stranger to get matching temporary tattoos on Saturday, May 13, in response to John Legend dancing with a female fan during his concert in Miami. “I’m Chrissy Teigen and you guys get to pick your ultimate henna on my lower back,” the Cravings cookbook author, 31, said in a Snapchat video while holding her daughter, Luna, 13 months, and standing outside of a tattoo shop.

Teigen was then seen walking hand-in-hand with a man named Eddie. “John got to dance with a woman at his concert, so Chrissy gets to take one man and hold hands with him,” Teigen’s off-camera friend said on Snapchat. “John, don’t be jealous!”.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and Eddie then headed into the shop, where she removed her pants and sat down on a stool to get her henna tattoo, baring her booty in a nude-colored thong. The pair then showed off the finished product, which read, “It’s a prank, bruh.”

  • Source: UsMagazine

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Why Do People Shop at Boutiques?

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Shopping at online boutiques can give you more options for quantity and price. You can return items as many times as you want, but you have to pay for the return shipping. Even if you make a purchase, you receive a different product in the packaging than you receive in a physical store. It also offers you an opportunity to talk with the business owner about specific problems, and get feedback from them. Not only that, you get the opportunity to buy all the merchandise that they carry. You get to see the quality of the product as well as individual merchandise that they carry. Additionally, you don’t have to pay to return a product. When you shop online, you can make all of the online transactions you desire. It gives you the chance to buy many products for a lower price than you would pay in a store. Shopping at online boutiques can give you an opportunity to make new friends and spend more time with your loved ones. It can give you more opportunities to interact with customers.

The online retail industry helps companies grow and move in the right direction. Because online boutiques are going through a constant transformation, companies will have to adapt and learn from them. Although, in the future, brick and mortar stores may continue to sell more than online shops, the industry will stay small. On the bright side, there are plenty of companies that will continue to thrive as brick and mortar shops.