Chrissy Teigen Doesn’t Understand How The Cannes Film Festival Works

The Cannes Film Festival is a world-class event premiering movies from around the globe; but at times it seems the red carpet fashion has overshadowed the films themselves. And that has Chrissy Teigen confused.

“I…what even is Cannes. Like it is just a city of carpet are there films anymore,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Why do we only see pictures from the red carpet? Where do the stars go afterwards? Do they even watch movies at the festival? And most importantly, how long is that carpet? Where does it end, if at all?” Teigen offered an offbeat suggestion: “I feel like it’s just a red carpet & then everyone falls into a hole & then recycles into another carpet.”

Interesting. Keep an eye out for that imaginary hole as dressed-up celebs continue to pour into Cannes today.

  • Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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