β€’ Main Information

Site Name: Chrissy Teigen Online
Site Urls: /
Webmaster: David πŸ˜€
Homeplace: Italy (EU)
Job: Everything on and about the site
Launch: May 01, 2016
Twitter Account: follow here

β€’ Why Chrissy Teigen?

I love Chrissy. Her energy, her passion for life, her exotic beauty and the most important thing: she always makes me laugh! πŸ™‚

β€’ Why did you open this fansite?

Well, I just fell in love with Chrissy in late 2015. So, I wanted a fansite on her. First, I searched throught the internet for a source but no one had opened a Chrissy Teigen fansite yet. So, I decided to launch one by myself. I bought the domain, got a host, found information, pictures and more. I made this fansite for all her fans and this is also just my way to show my love and support to her.

In April 2016, I finally got ‘’. I wanted to buy a premium domain and this one was available. Two months later, I got the chance to get ‘’ so now I decide to use it as main domain for the site. It’s short and easy to remember. I choose to name the site Chrissy Teigen Online because it sounds good and fans can reach it faster. In October 2017, I also bought ‘’ as secondary domain.

The site was built under several weeks. It took a long time for me to get the site to where it is. All the creations are all made with Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and I use Dreamweaver, to code the layouts.

So many people, all around the world, visit my fansite daily to get all the latest news and exclusive pictures. Plus, Chrissy and her family members follow me on Twitter! I can’t be more proud! πŸ˜€