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Chrissy Teigen Will Launch Her New Becca Collection

Chrissy Teigen will launch a brand new make up collection with Becca Cosmetics, titled Cravings Collection featuring 2 brand new kits for lips and eyes! The collection drops on October 20th online, at Sephora and Becca Cosmetics. She tells Allure Magazine all about it and more in this exclusive interview.

“It’s two adorably amazing kits: one has four glosses, and they’re tiny and in amazing colors that I love,” Teigen says. The set of four shimmery glosses she’s referring to come in a fiery red (Candy Cane), a tawny mauve (Sugar Plum), a golden peach (Creme Brulee), and a bronzed rust shade (Cinnamon Bun). “And then there’s another kit with some of my favorites in it,” she adds.

That’d be the Glow Kitchen Kit, featuring the Glow Soufflé Eye Shadow & Highlighter Duo in Cinnamon Churro, Confectionary Glow Powder in Cinnamon Sugar, and Lip Soufflé Matte Liquid Lip in Red Velvet (all available October 20). “They all smell very delicious — we went with a vanilla cake-like scent this time around,” Teigen says. “I don’t think there is anything better than walking into a kitchen or somebody’s home during the holidays and being able to tell what they’re making. It makes you so happy.

On winning an argument

When I first met John [Legend] he made some comment about how he doesn’t love red lipstick, so I made it my mission to find a shade that would work for me. I wanted to sell him on it, because I think there’s nothing sexier than on a night out with a beautiful red lip. We ended up with a fiery red lip [Becca x Chrissy Teigen Lip Icing Glow Gloss in Candy Cane] that finally changed his mind.

On desert-island packing

Of course, I’m screaming [that I want to bring] my glow body oil, but that seems very vain. I want to glow and glisten and have a sparkly decolletage, but I mean, sunblock seems good? I’m trying to be more practical these days with two kids now. Food is a way harder question though. I think I would be really good at making traps and catching my own fish. I watch a lot of Naked & Afraid — they’re always like the biggest doofuses you’ve ever seen and they always manage. I’d probably just bring out some garlic, then, to season it with.

On aging

Why stop it? Some of the most incredible women are either people you can’t tell have had anything done or that just let themselves age gracefully. Botox and fillers are so major these days but it’s a little scary to think of what we’re all going to look like in 20 or 30 years.

On plastic surgery

I missed the boat — if I were to get a nose job, I would have gotten it ten years ago. If I were going to do the butt thing, I missed it. People know by now that I have no ass, and if tomorrow I suddenly have an ass, they’re going to say something.

On a guilty pleasure

I’m a big fan of squeezing things out of my nose or out of anyone else’s nose around me — I am down. I wipe down my nose with the blue Clean & Clear wipes in the long package, let it dry, and then I splash piping hot water on my nose and then put a Bioré pore strip on right after. I swear I get ten times as many blackheads as I would without using that specific technique.

On keeping it real

Through the election process and things that we hear on the news, it’s hard to wake up and be the same person you were a few years ago when things just seemed a lot more positive. We have to make a conscious effort to appreciate the beauty around us: the Earth, friends and family, even something as simple as a beauty product if it makes you feel good or confident. It’s really important especially now when things can leave you moody and depressed.

On paying for pain

I started those PRP treatments, the ones where they spin your blood and squirt it back into your face. Who knows if it works, but my skin feels better after, so to me, that’s it working. But now that I’m breastfeeding so I can’t use lidocaine before the PRP needles roll across your face and holy — I almost imploded.

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